assignment 3

Here's my response to assignment 3 from the account planning school of the web headed up by russell davies:

  1. A leading retailler wants to create an equivalent of The Gap aimed at the over 60s. What should the key communications idea for that store be?

    "Grandparenting" clothing is the key idea here. Highlight durability, stain-resistance – clothes that help you enjoy life as a grandparent. (19 words)
  1. A leading car brand wants to create a loyalty programme that ensures their over 50s customers come back and use authorised dealerships for their service and maintenance. They want to use direct mail to do it. What should the main idea for that be?

    Send out a crew to detail the car for free once. The guys are your direct mail, send them instead of a postcard. (24 words)
  1. An innovative entrepeneur wants to create a fast food or coffee bar chain targeting affluent over 50s. What should their strategy be?

    Make this crowd feel good about buying coffee by offering only shade-grown/environment-friendly/fair-trade beans. (14 words)
  1. Most people in their 20s aren't investing in pensions or thinking about how they'll finance their retirement - how would you persuade them to do so?

    "You don't have to live on Ramen noodles anymore, but think about your spending" – With time, money grows into something huge, compound interest is the key benefit here. (29 words)
  1. A health care company has realised that the affluent, demanding boomer generation in the US is starting to need critical health care, retirment communities and hospices, but they don't want the grimey, depressing places where their parents went to be cared for and to die. How would you position a total health-care business for this generation?

    "The golden years are golden again." Offer posh pads for living (plasma televisions, "rain" showers, etc.) and luxury cars (Audi convertibles, etc.) for renting. Enjoy your life with us. (29 words)

I especially struggled with #4, persuading young people to invest in their retirement is a toughie.


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