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From the late April edition of The Economist, a survey of new media that should help anyone who hasn't really been paying attention until now figure out the new web trends. The summary of new media issues is partially old news, but any time I read something on the so-called media revolution I get one more example of something I didn't know before.

This time it was of the site Ohmy news, founded by a South Korean ex-magazine editor. Ohmy only allows amateurs ("citizens") to write in and a small group of editors choose which articles to put on the site. The coolest thing about it is a tip-jar button that asks readers to donate a small amount if they like the writing - I couldn't find this feature on the English site, it must be a South Korean-only thing.

In addition to the intro and outro, here are the key articles:
interactive journalism (Ohmy)
fantasy worlds (Second Life)
ends with, the "gazillion-dollar question" - what is the new media company?
great list of sources

The best quote out of all the articles comes from Paul Saffo, a director at the Institute for the Future:

“revolutions tend to suck for ordinary people.”


At 12:12 PM , Blogger john gibson said...

"revolutions tend to suck for ordinary people"... that is the most insightful thing I've heard this week-- and so true.

At 8:32 AM , Anonymous Andrew Hovells said...

Thanks for digging out the Paul Saffro quote.
We all need dose of reality sometimes.
In the UK, writers, planners and so forth are getting very hot under the collar about co-creation, blogs (add your own here).
The thing is, most people in the UK don't know what a blog is and just thinks that the ads are nowhere near as good as they used to be.....


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