ferry rides

This weekend I stupidly went up and over to Poolesville, MD to play some golf in the 20 degree (spring?) weather. A friend and I had coupons for a free game before April 15th that we had to use. We lasted 7 holes, the wind was bitterly cold. I've always thought that coupons end up forcing you to make not-so-wise decisions and sometimes spend more than you otherwise would, and this instance was no different.

The $6 spent on White's Ferry across the Potomac was well worth it, though... I wasn't expecting it either which made it more special. The directions I had pointed me to "White's Ferry Rd" but I didn't make the connection that there would be an actual ferry there. It was fun, the anticipation of getting onto the ferry after the previous cargo drove off, being in my car on the river, and driving off on the other side. Easily the highlight of the day.


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