generations in the workforce

Just came across this article in Fast Company on the effects of many generations now in the workforce:

"Millennials aren't interested in the financial success that drove the boomers or the independence that has marked the gen-Xers, but in careers that are personalized. They want educational opportunities in China and a chance to work in their companies' R&D departments for six months. 'They have no expectation that the first place they work will at all be related to their career, so they're willing to move around until they find a place that suits them,' says Dan Rasmus, who runs a workplace think tank for Microsoft."

I'm already seeing this come to life where I work, and feel like ad agencies and the like are the places most able to adapt to this new way of working. But accounting firms and other typically buttoned-up professions are quickly catching up. The next 5 years in the workplace will be fun to watch.


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