a life on film

We had a photojournalist come into the agency a couple days ago and give a talk about his life as a photographer following sports, Presidents, global events etc. - David Burnett. What a life, and he's captured some incredible moments on film along the way.

Favorite quotes:
"I always try to be where no one else is" -- on finding the right picture by being away from the crowd.

"The old camera gives you a different way of looking at the world. You only get one shot, so you start to really think about what you shoot" -- on the ups and downs of setting up and using a decades-old camera on a shoot.

"I don't even know who's winning, I'm just watching their feet in the sand" -- on the beach volleyball summer Olympics... the way those athletes drive into the sand with their feet.

One other interesting thing is that using a view camera opens up his subjects in a way that a digital camera never would be able to do. He stated that people relate to him in a completely different manner with the antique camera... I can't remember it's name now... but they really come alive when they see the old camera with the tripod and everything. It's a welcome change from the standard Nikon digital they're used to seeing.


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