is ted really that happy to see me

I took this pic just before getting on a plane down to Miami for the planning conference last week. I was not happy to see these over and over while sitting there waiting for the plane to arrive from wherever it was, for about 5 hours (you know it's bad when they take down your flight info and orig. takeoff time down from the sign in the background).

In an effort to stay away from angry-bloggerness, I sat on this for awhile. Stuff like this that tries to be cute during the good times becomes annoying when things go wrong. It's the antithesis of YouTube and flickr downtime messages/coloring contests. Life will be better once the flickr/YouTube way of dealing with problems enters into bricks-and-mortar businesses. How hard would it be to change out the text on the signs when a plane is delayed - "Ted is sorry you have to wait forever and a day."


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