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So Kevin tagged me a long time ago and I thought about not writing this post as it seems a bit too late, but I do feel obliged to write it. So, here are 5 things you don't know about me. As for other people to tag, I tag the other writer of this blog, John, to get one up on this topic, and I've looked around and there's really no one left for my other 4 tags...

1. I'm not into reality tv, but did get into Beauty and the Geek. It's one of those things that I can't really explain.
2. I was a part-time waiter/bartender for 6 years. It was great experience for thinking on the fly, relating to lots of different people, and learning food, drinks, etc. But I'm glad that it's over, anyone who's done it will know what I mean. It's a rough way to earn money. I tip like a crazy man now, too. 25-30%.
3. You could call me a pen snob - I've tried a bunch of pens out but still haven't found one that's quite right. I just can't use those little $0.10 bic pens. They stifle my ability to write.
4. I have a soft spot for pop music at times. It's my windows up music.
5. The classic scene from Something About Mary has haunted me to this day. It makes me want to abolish the zipper from pants everywhere.


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