get smart is back - so is video of the week

Here's a three-for to try to make up for recent slacking in the video of the week plan. I guess working late with the tv as background/distraction does have its benefits - I just saw an ad promoting TimeLife's DVD set of the old show Get Smart, one of my all-time favorites I used to watch on Nick @ Nite with my Dad growing up. Alas, the set isn't available at Amazon until fall.

To satisfy until then, a quick search dusted off the old cobwebs and brought back some great memories:

The birth of the classic "would you believe...?"

Props before computers. 'nuff said

Something that would improve many a meeting today.


At 3:28 PM , Blogger johanna said...

I am SO EXCITED for this. Thank you for posting it. I used to watch it with my father as a kid! Since I like to read blogs in chronological order, I saw the cone-of-silence thing first, and wondered if it was from there :) there it goes on my wishlist!


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