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Here are a few make-you-think-without-frying-brains-in-a-pan anti-drug ads from the ONDCP. W+K's above the influence campaign uses a dog to show disappointment with a pot smoker vs. a harder "this is your brain on drugs" message.

The campaign does work in different (better) ways than having a human read a scripted "don't do drugs" message into the camera - in a way the minimal cartoons make the situations more real because it's easier for the audience to relate.

They should start producing these videos in a longer-form version, too. The music is mesmerizing Sufjan Stevens-ish, and a powerful story could be developed as a 5-minute movie... just a thought.

Will this type of message work these days? Would like to know the effectiveness of the work in reducing marijuana use among teens, but it's probably too early to tell at this point.

Quite a difference from this type of thing:


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