I'm feeling a lot more relaxed these days. Must be the upcoming time off in about a week and the fact that the recent new business rush has lightened up.

A few random links of note for today...
  • Interview with Jim Buckmaster - craigslist CEO. This makes me love the site even more, and they've helped me sell and buy dozens of things - concert/sports tickets, furniture, tvs and gadgets, etc
  • On David Beckham's insurance policy - from the onion
  • Map of world Internet usage - helps provide a little perspective
  • An inspirational place to play - ShelSilverstein.com
  • Picnik.com is getting some positive press love from Walt Mossberg of the WSJ
  • The site trendio.com - a way to buy shares in what's going to be talked about in the news
  • Surfing cows in Orange County, CA... quotes like this should only be allowed in articles from the onion:
    • "Organizers also took special precautions to make sure no one expecting to build a sandcastle instead happened upon a cow pie.

      A 10-member group of yellow-vested pooper scoopers followed behind the herd, raking, shoveling up and spraying down any place where the steers had made their mark.

      'Someone's gotta do it,' Reymundo Dominguez said. 'I guess this is just our time.'"


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