in SF

So the first day of the conference is gone - more on that in the next post. What an amazing city this is, too. Love the energy and relaxed vibe all in one package.

I'm on the tmobile wireless thing and it's giving me fits, so first I had to get some thoughts down on my flight into the airport and make sure the connection's working.

Coming in was one of the scariest landings I've ever seen, water everywhere and just as we're about to touch down, out of nowhere appears the runway. Impressive and frightening all at the same time.

The flight in general was one of those kind of quirky ones where you never really know if it's a sign your trip is going to be good or bad.

I thought about it as a bunch of little battles...
  • 7 ounces vs. 0.7 ounces: security guard was not amused I misread the "." on my shaving cream: whups
  • 23 sneezes by the 8 people around me vs. my immune system: no lie
  • my movies on DVD vs. the laptop: argh
  • the no seatbelt sign vs. my bladder: double argh

After settling in, one thing I'm thrilled about is the presence of Anchor Steam beer everywhere. I love going places with special microbrewed beers like Denver (Fat Tire) or Austin (Shiner) - even though I can get them in DC, it just tastes to much better in its home state.


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