long time no see

This post has been one of the toughest I've sat down to write since we started about 2 yrs ago... a huge helping of inertia.

A lot happens being away for 5 months. A lot meaning that Andrea and I welcomed our first child into the world a few weeks back. What an overwhelming feeling of joy to see her being born. It was indescribable... the prior doubts (are we ready? no, really, are we ready for this??) went away in a flash after hearing that first cry in the delivery room.

Anyways, I used the time leading up to Eva's birth as water for the ever-burning fire that is a blog not posted to in a really long time... So, we're back on air. For what hopes to be another solid amount of time. Hi Mom.

I've got a few thoughts scribbled down in between the diaper times that need to be typed up. And this may eventually morph into a different page or site... who knows. This is a start.


At 4:11 AM , Blogger Yves said...

It is utterly fantastic, believe me. Our daughter is six months old right now and I'm still hit by waves of deep affection every day I come home.

It probably made me a better planner too, it reduces advertising and all the stuff around it to it's normal (not that life- or world changing) proportions and gives you a fresh outlook on things.

Congrats, I'm looking forward to more blog posts (and even though I had the intention of never involving my family on the blog, I haven't been able to resist it on a couple of occasions...).

At 5:51 PM , Anonymous sean said...

Welcome back Josh. Congrats on your new arrival. Ours is 13 months and I'm still exhausted. It never ends, they say.

And I understand about the blog. An untended blog has few peers in creating guilt and anxiety!

At 12:30 PM , Blogger joshcarlton said...

Yves - I'm already seeing how having a child makes me better at what I do. It's funny that the little things are the ones that change now that she's here. Driving slower, listening to certain song lyrics more intently, approaching work problems slightly different...

Sean - thanks, as well. one thing I wasn't expecting was never sleeping past 7.30am again... now I know why my parents took so many naps when I was growing up.


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