Here are a bunch of links that I've been meaning to pull together. I've tested the firefox save feature to it's last limit by keeping a lot of these perpetually open the last week or so:
  • If it doesn't spread it's dead - brilliant thinking from Henry Jenkins et al. If only I could stop time to read all 8 part. A coast-to-coast plane flight would do the trick.
  • This is what BW's audience is reading about twitter (and the skittles situation).
  • Fairly-recent (within last yr) list of brands punk'd within social media.
  • As much as I cringe with every Bracketology mention, this time of year still rocks to be a sports fan.
  • New mobile app nearbynow puts real-world goods into peoples' hands quicker and more efficiently.
  • Great interview with MotiveQuest's Tom O'Brien re: truly listening to what your customers are saying online, and making meaning out of it.
  • Wharton asks us is capitalism working?
  • And, why do companies exist in the first place.
  • From Oct '08, but still great thinking. Again from Zeus.
  • My life for the next couple of weeks.
  • Free. Another good preview of the coming book.
  • For my vcu students. How to think strategically.
  • Last twitter mention here. How to find companies... pretty helpful list.


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