espn crew = authentic

Came across an article on the Super Bowl by Chuck Klosterman, hired to blog the Super Bowl by ESPN's Page 2. I immediately thought of authenticity, something I've been thinking about recently thanks to russell's blog.

...I have been shocked by how many of these guys appear to act exactly the same way as they do on television. It's semi-spooky: Many of them speak with the exact same cadence and syntax. They make the same kind of obvious jokes, and they deliver the same type of cliches about how certain coaches are great and about how certain players love to play the game and about how exhilarating it feels to be in a Super Bowl atmosphere.

A lot of these people talk as if they are on television all the time. And I suppose this is a positive thing, because it proves that those particular individuals are authentic. But it still strikes me as alien..."

True, very odd, but now that we know this piece of info, does it change impressions of ESPN's crew?

ESPN.com: Page 2 : Lost in America


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