APSW #4 - creating lifestyle

Here it is. My response to assignment 4 for the APSW. Balancing the school with the job is tough stuff, and sleep has definitely suffered in this instance.

I feel like in my dreary-eyed state I may have missed the mark, but we'll see what Grant has to say before I regret this. Hope you get something out of it...


At 2:39 AM , Anonymous gibo said...

Nice work josh. My hat is off to you.

At 1:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do they make money?

At 9:57 AM , Blogger joshcarlton said...

Guess I could have made that more clear - they've already made their real $$ in their previous high-flying life. I can see some of them running a little bed-and-breakfast. If they ever get strapped for cash, they could breed dogs or sell their home-grown fruit/veggies in a farmer's market.

At 3:36 AM , Anonymous Amy said...

Nice Josh, love the story and the contradictions... I can relate! Thanks for sharing, -Amy (www.bbdo-u.com/blog)

At 2:55 AM , Blogger dead insect said...

There is a good word in the UK - "luddite".

Luddites were these guys who smashed up industrial revolution machinery (e.g. cloth making machines) cos they ph33r'd its 1337 sk1||s.

nice slides.


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