999 design classics

Phaidon Press is at it again - they released this inspirational set of books about a month ago. It's a chronological journey through beautifully-designed objects that we still use - everything from toys to medical stuff to cars, starting with household scissors (1663).

It's interesting to get this historical perspective on design. If the safety pin hadn't been invented in 1849 by Walter Hunt, who knows if to this day we'd still be waiting for it. If you don't have the funds (like me) for the full-fledged set, check out the site (click "Explore...") and get a taste.


At 3:07 PM , Blogger Carol said...

I love common designs around the house, mixed shaped mugs and the nineteen thirties handles on my windows and all stationery items give me a strange thrill. Don't you love the big squeezy rubbery bits on cheap pens these days?

At 4:46 PM , Blogger joshcarlton said...

Hi Carol - to stay in the office supply realm, I'm also loving the new staplers that just need a little tap to go through 30 pages. And I think at times I get a little too excited over a good pen, so it's nice to know I'm not alone :)


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