It's funny how a stroller can say so much about parent and child. Keep in mind this is coming from someone with limited interaction with strollers and the like... but it seems the tricked out one on the top more often goes hand-in-hand with a Suburban/Tahoe-type car and borderline-spoling parents, while the simple stroller goes with a Honda/Mini kind of car and the kind of parents that are a little more relaxed.

And I love this quote on gender stereotyping dug out by Iconoculture:

"Women are interested in me ... because I'm a man pushing a stroller. This simple act, I've discovered, transforms me into a near saint in the eyes of society. Grandparents, young couples, moms - it seems the entire population cannot pass by without complimenting me, or at least smiling." - Bill Eville on "baby-carriage bliss," Parents 6.06


At 9:31 AM , Anonymous Clay Parker Jones said...

You know what would be nice? An adult stroller.

Great for a situation where you want to go stand in line for something, and maybe want to bring a friend, but instead of making them stand the entire time, you could let them sit. Or a long day of shopping. Or any time when someone would rather not walk.


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