In the spirit of the planning school of the web, I think it's fitting to share my response to assignment 10, so here are my ten selling propositions for apple supermarket posters. Some are better than others, and if I could re-submit I would change a few after looking at them again, but anyways, here they are:

1. The fruit Swiss Army knife. Baked. Fried. In a pie. Candied. Dried. Juiced. Crisped. Sauced. Wassailed. (16)

2. William Tell shot one off his son’s head with an arrow. Don’t try this at home. (16)

3. Bring out your inner Johnny Appleseed. (6)

4. We went to the orchard so you don’t have to. (10)

5. Wrapped in shiny edible Kevlar. (5)

6. Ditch the daily multi-vitamin. Have an apple instead. (9)

7. Save the globe. Have an apple wrapped in nature’s decomposable package. (11)

8. Even if you don’t eat it in time, throwing rotten apples against a tree is as good as it gets. (20)

9. It’s where apple juice comes from. Make some with ours and forget the word ‘concentrate’ on that bottle. (18)

10. We bet an apple that you can’t find every seed inside any one of these. (15)


At 7:22 AM , Blogger Stan Lee said...

Beware the swiss army knife, it's a tired cliche. Sorry!

#6 is definitely a keeper.

Don't forget a proposition should be singled minded.

My advice would be to mash up the two parts of #6 and turn them into....

Apples - The daily multi-vitamin.

Well that's a creative's opinion anyway!

At 10:34 AM , Blogger john gibson said...

Josh, you overachieving bloke, good thinking!

I particularly like #9. Reinforcing apples as an ingredient product is a clever approach.

It seems to me like #9 touches on the same point as #1 (Swiss Army knife), but with more subtlety.

This concept could really be teased out(a la 300+ uses for the peanut)-- George Washington Carver would be proud.

At 7:38 AM , Anonymous AP said...

Poor old Adam never have a chance.


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