the art of looking sideways

Michael Bierut, partner at Pentagram, wrote a touching obituary over at Design Observer about a week ago for design legend and author Alan Fletcher. Quote of the month:

"I'd sooner do the same on Monday or Wednesday as I do on a Saturday or Sunday. I don't divide my life between labour and pleasure." - Alan Fletcher


At 11:11 PM , Blogger David Wen said...

So is his point that labour is pleasure in his mind?

At 8:14 AM , Anonymous josh said...

I don't know - if we say his point is that labour is pleasure it makes it sound like he was addicted to labour (could have been).

Just the reverse - pleasure is labour is what I think his point is. He was one of the lucky ones that ended up being able to make money off of what he would be doing in his free time anyways.


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