oozing authenticity

After reading this article in SI (Aug 7, '06) and watching the Riding Giants movie for the first time recently, I was amazed at how true to surfing these guys are - it's all that matters to them. One of the more telling parts of the movie described how they were depressed on the days when the waves weren't crashing in. Here's what it feels like to ride the big waves, with 2 great quotes from Laird Hamilton:

That stuff you fill your mind with, you realize that all of it is pretty insignificant."

"If I scare myself once a day I'm a better person."

Brands could learn a lot from this... it's all about being authentic and true to yourself, that's why the movie resonates so strongly with me. They live to surf. That's it.

It's a big reason why brands like Starwood/Westin are successful - they live to provide a great hotel experience. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm sure there's more goodness and applicability here, we'll try to revisit in the future...


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