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We've talked about music and driving before here, and it's something I've been thinking about more recently as we've had a few weeks of 70-degrees and sunny here - lots of windows down and music blasting.

So I was thrilled to see my Urban Word of the Day email come in this morning with "top up music" defined:

September 26, 2006: top up music

The kind of music that you listen to only when the (convertible) top and all windows are up. Also known as 'closet music' it is the kind of music that you don't want anyone to know that you like.

The Black Eyed Peas came on Hits 1, but the top was down so I couldn't listen. BEP is my favourite top up music!

My top up music Nelly Furtado and some country artists... that probably says a lot more about me than what you'll hear me listening to windows down. Of course, there are others that will remain top up for now.

Who are yours?


At 10:22 AM , Blogger johanna said...

I'll try to name five off the top of my head.

01. placebo | every me every you
02. tegan & sara | walking with a ghost
03. death cab | crooked teeth
04. scissors for lefty | ghetto ways
05. under the influence of giants | beautiful
06. the veronicas | 4evr
07. ratatat | seventeen years
08. the format | time bomb
09. enon | disposable parts
10. coheed | once upon your dead body

That was so fun, Josh. Too bad I don't have a car anymore and ride the subway! I have to come up with a clever way to phrase "windows down in cab while on iPod music."


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