smiles per hour

What a great way to think about driving: smiles per hour

"The most cheerful driver on the road is female, aged 24 or less, driving a green coloured VW Beetle on a sunny day, listening to Bob Marley while chewing sugar free gum and looking forward to a date."

Music heavily influences the driver's mood, with reggae and oldies leading the way in making more people smile. The article also lists a "feelgood" top ten that is spot-on except for "Mr. Wendel" by Arrested Development:
  • Three Little Birds (Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing) - Bob Marley
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Bobby Fearon
  • Music Sounds Better with You - Stardust
  • Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar
  • Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
  • Come Up and See Me, Make Me Smile - Steve Harley
  • Man I Feel Like a Woman - Shania Twain
  • Good Vibrations - Beach Boys
  • Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves
  • Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen


At 4:11 PM , Anonymous miss a said...

i'm not sure i can get behind the shania idea. i think some fat boy slim or moby "we're all made of stars" has a good night-time driving feel.

speaking of which, why are all car ads filmed with the car during the day? probably because that way you can see the car better as it hugs the pacific coastal highway. but isn't nighttime the scariest drive time of them all? i'd like to see a car campaign with a pallatiative nighttime concept.

At 6:54 AM , Anonymous Northern Planner said...

Take a look at the article on sound and fury in the newsroom.
You can just see an ad persuading people to choose a quieter diesel engine to avoid neighbours getting you back with loud Bryan Adams.


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