martha stewart social network

Martha Stewart is planning a social network as part of her marthastewart.com web site, aimed at 25-45 year-old women. It's a tool that will allow for photos, scrapbook tips, recipes, and other ideas to be shared among members.

"'There is no place like MySpace, like Friendster, for that demographic,' [Chief Executive Susan] Lyne said at a financial conference."

The site won't be launched until over a year from now - and a lot could change between now and then, including a mySpace geared towards older women. Or a new magazine launch.

It will be interesting to see how the site does, as it looks like it's just going to be an extension of the current website. From the description, it sounds like they are trying to take the mainstream media ways and swim in the new web. Some of my relatives fall into that 25-45 demographic, and it's going to take a lot more than Martha Stewart putting her name on this kind of thing to get them to use it.


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