second edition - youtube video of the week

Another show I don't remember, but this cartoon looks like it could have influenced a lot of kids for the better.


At 6:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you don't remember jem & the holograms?! i can't really blame you because you're a guy, but jem was the only reason i would wake up early on saturday mornings.

At 10:28 PM , Anonymous amber said...

I used get mad because my barbie shoes wouldn't fit on the Jem Dolls' huge feet. These were the best, most 80's toys ever created. I definitely had them all, along with Jem's neon pink and lime green rolls royce, which had a radio in the trunk.

Mattel sort of fought back by releasing Barbie and the Rockers, which were completely lame by comparison. Although they too had Keytars.

um, so yeah, i sort of remember this show.


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