the true homepages

We had a great speaker, Peter Spande from Federated Media, come in recently and talk about homepages among other things.

Bottom line, which seems so simple after hearing it... there's a difference between company-built sites and what people perceive as a company's website.

Quick case... this is the US site that Ray-Ban built. It's beautiful and has a lot of cool features/navigation/videos/etc:

And, this is their homepage as consumers see it:

This page has a link to shopping results, a random youtube video, a link to cutwater/psyop's new colorize campaign, and so on... this is how its customers most likely see the web when looking for Ray-Ban info.

This is not meant to be pickin' on Ray-Ban, as this comparison can be done with many brands. Spring and sunshine are on the way so I just happen to have shades on the brain.


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