Here's a random story. I spent a large chunk of time today in a Verizon store. It took an eternity to get through the waiting line there, and I saw something that made me smile at one point. A little baby gave out a about a 2-second shriek, and then started laughing. In that instant I was smiling but also kind of jealous of babies, and how they can do that kind of thing - I would have felt loads better had I been able to shriek... and then, hello mr. security guard.

Here's an idea - rent out a small space in malls and put up soundproofing on all the walls, let people pay $1 or 2 and let them in for 15 seconds for a top-of-the-lungs yell to let out some frustration. Especially in November/December that kind of thing could work out well...


At 10:42 PM , Anonymous jessica said...

hahah that's awesome. i could use that...

sorry i haven't replied; been superbusy; planning to get back to all the planners at some point.

At 9:54 PM , Blogger cmor said...

I've heard of Japanese Karaoke (I think that is what it's called..sorry) where people pay a sum of money to spend 10 minutes breaking fragile objects (i.e guitars and porcelin) in a room similar to what you described. Sounds like it could be a million dollar idea, especially if placed at the mall of america.

At 9:54 PM , Blogger cmor said...

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