super bowl

The ads last nite were decent, but spots like the one for that razor company that shall not be named here made me cringe - they just don't get it.

Ameriquest was funny with their situational humor, and Bud Light spots were entertaining as always. I wish that Ted Ferguson would have made an appearance. Kermit the Frog was a great choice as spokesfrog for the Ford Escape Hybrid, total symmetry between his "being green" song and the hybird SUV.

Although I missed it during the game and had to catch up later online, Dove was my personal favorite. It took guts to show that spot in such a huge venue as the SB, where gut-busters are expected. I have a feeling we'll be talking about that one in a few years as the shining star from this year's group.

Another favorite is an oldie-but-goodie: The Hummer Monsters spot -- check out Hummer's beautiful monster-robot love website.


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