can't make this stuff up

I can't wait for college football season to kick off this weekend. Saturdays are just amazing this time of year. And on a related note, this sounds like it should be out of the onion, but sadly it's not -- remember to keep the burnt orange at home when in Oklahoma City.



John, this blog's co-author, lives/works in Texas so it was a nice surprise to hang out for a night in DC this week a couple evenings ago. While we were chatting over a beer at fado we noticed the Miller Lite tap (on the far left, hard to see... camera phone pic) was about 1/2-1/3 the size of all the other taps. Blue Moon even has their own nifty silver pipe.

We started talking about this and - if we were Miller's people we'd be upset about this presentation. The half-sized tap handle implies a half-decent beer, vs. the other more elegant handles. Those other beers are a notch above Lite, but even Yuengling (which I believe is a notch above the others), another domestic, doubles their handle size. Maybe they're trying to imply the low calorie count.

Then I took the picture and played around in picnik which I don't think we've talked about before here. It's a great (+ free) online image editor, integrates with your flickr/facebook accounts and more, and offers a lot of basic photo editing. Very convenient for those sometimes-ugly camera phone shots.