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Struggling Blockbuster Eliminates Rental Fees

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Struggling Blockbuster Eliminates Rental Fees

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL—The ailing video-store chain's "End Of Fees" promotion will also apply to its supply of video games, snacks, beverages, and any item found in the store.

This one made me cry. And happy to be on Netflix.

driving music

We've talked about music and driving before here, and it's something I've been thinking about more recently as we've had a few weeks of 70-degrees and sunny here - lots of windows down and music blasting.

So I was thrilled to see my Urban Word of the Day email come in this morning with "top up music" defined:

September 26, 2006: top up music

The kind of music that you listen to only when the (convertible) top and all windows are up. Also known as 'closet music' it is the kind of music that you don't want anyone to know that you like.

The Black Eyed Peas came on Hits 1, but the top was down so I couldn't listen. BEP is my favourite top up music!

My top up music Nelly Furtado and some country artists... that probably says a lot more about me than what you'll hear me listening to windows down. Of course, there are others that will remain top up for now.

Who are yours?

oozing authenticity

After reading this article in SI (Aug 7, '06) and watching the Riding Giants movie for the first time recently, I was amazed at how true to surfing these guys are - it's all that matters to them. One of the more telling parts of the movie described how they were depressed on the days when the waves weren't crashing in. Here's what it feels like to ride the big waves, with 2 great quotes from Laird Hamilton:

That stuff you fill your mind with, you realize that all of it is pretty insignificant."

"If I scare myself once a day I'm a better person."

Brands could learn a lot from this... it's all about being authentic and true to yourself, that's why the movie resonates so strongly with me. They live to surf. That's it.

It's a big reason why brands like Starwood/Westin are successful - they live to provide a great hotel experience. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm sure there's more goodness and applicability here, we'll try to revisit in the future...


squirrels with cameras

This squirrels with cameras gallery on flickr is a riot. Check out the photographer's site, too.

Taking the time to capture these images reminds me of a more friendly version of hunting. Rather than weaponry he uses a camera. Brilliant.

thanks to photojojo


generations at work

I'm a huge fan of the USA TODAY snapshots -- this one from yesterday says so much about generations in the workforce right now. Even though the overall percentages are smaller with boomers, it's interesting how the boomers and millenials have a similar pattern emerge.


painting a day

I've been meaning to post about this for awhile now. With my limited knowledge of the way the art world works, this artist's blog - A Painting a Day - seems like an incredible idea. He's really found a nice middle area where every piece of art is unique, and still fairly inexpensive. I love the peanut butter and jelly still life from a few days ago. According to this USA TODAY article, the artist gets more than enough to get by and keep doing the things he really likes.

The number of industries that blogs/the internet are changing keep mounting, and it's fun to watch unfold. Add art to the list of industries - music, books, film, newspapers, advertising, etc. - turned on their heads.

This story also shows the power of the auction format - it works so well for so many things, I wonder if it has a limit. One day we all may be working for eBay or the like, or at least finding work through them.


difference in what people say and what they do

A friend brought this great quote back to my attention earlier today, as we're getting frustrated with something involving stats here:
"There are three types of lies - lies, damn lies, and statistics."

- Variously attributed to Benjamin Disraeli, Alfred Marshall, Mark Twain and many other dead people


well above average

The school supplies are out in full force now, and I couldn't resist taking a pic this. It wouldn't look too bad on a t-shirt either... I'm a huge fan of the refillable flow arrow.


the onion on innovation

The Onion has a great piece this week that labels the car as one of the easiest invention of the 20th century. It's well worth the minute it takes to read.

"I thought I was living in an age of innovation. But if the car is the best thing we've been able to come up with in the past hundred years, then color me bored. Want to hear a better way to get around, off the top of my head? Okay, how about giant robots carrying us from place to place in human-sized satchels slung across their chests?"

I'm also really impressed with the site's "blog" button that let me grab that image/headline thing at the top... what a cool approach to give people an easy way to start talking about an article. It worked.