I've been back for a week and a half now but didn't have the energy to write anything here with the whole getting back into work thing.

This shot was probably immediately followed by a faceplant - spent a lot of time doing that, but those were worth it for the other times heading down the slopes. When I saw Riding Giants a few months back, I thought I knew the feeling the surfers were describing when talking about how they felt out on the water.

I was relating as a runner, but being out on a snowboard was a whole new level of natural high and was more similar to what they feel. It's so freeing being out there - no thoughts about anything other than the slight movements needed to turn the board and figuring out a path down the mountain. Even though there are several other people within sight, it feels like you and only you out there at peace with the mountain. Just incredible.


video of the week

Video of the week returns with another wonderful 80s show - The Littlest Hobo.


off to the mountains

I'm off to Colorado to attempt the above for the first time. Also looking forward to disconnecting from things out there... no posting here for a week or so.


future of libraries

As a Fairfax County library user, I strangely feel somewhat guilty over the de-listing of Hemingway's "For Whom The Bell Tolls." I think I'll check it out over lunch today if it still has a life in the library system.

get smart is back - so is video of the week

Here's a three-for to try to make up for recent slacking in the video of the week plan. I guess working late with the tv as background/distraction does have its benefits - I just saw an ad promoting TimeLife's DVD set of the old show Get Smart, one of my all-time favorites I used to watch on Nick @ Nite with my Dad growing up. Alas, the set isn't available at Amazon until fall.

To satisfy until then, a quick search dusted off the old cobwebs and brought back some great memories:

The birth of the classic "would you believe...?"

Props before computers. 'nuff said

Something that would improve many a meeting today.


warm noggins

I love it when a brand talks to me like a person would - it's all too rare a treat these days. That's why Andrea & I had no problem splurging for some comfy Turtle Fur hats. They were already nicer quality than the others, and the friendly tags put them over the top.


things you love to hear a client say

"I didn't really like the ads from our old agency
but it wasn't my place to say."

A blessing... or is it disguised as one. It doesn't sounds so great to think that they left the old shop for some reason, perhaps one that was never voiced?