the true homepages

We had a great speaker, Peter Spande from Federated Media, come in recently and talk about homepages among other things.

Bottom line, which seems so simple after hearing it... there's a difference between company-built sites and what people perceive as a company's website.

Quick case... this is the US site that Ray-Ban built. It's beautiful and has a lot of cool features/navigation/videos/etc:

And, this is their homepage as consumers see it:

This page has a link to shopping results, a random youtube video, a link to cutwater/psyop's new colorize campaign, and so on... this is how its customers most likely see the web when looking for Ray-Ban info.

This is not meant to be pickin' on Ray-Ban, as this comparison can be done with many brands. Spring and sunshine are on the way so I just happen to have shades on the brain.


thursday links

Some random thoughts/links/etc from this week so far:

Numa Numa guy with the gecko

bike accidents/PTI/Today Show

I love how this kind of stuff happens and spreads. One of my favorite shows, PTI, mocks Matt Lauer's bike accident a couple of days ago, then Tony Kornheiser gets pulled into The Today Show this morning:


it's two things: simple + compelling

Another great presentation on users of social media and the shifts in where people are spending time. Via chroma via threebillion.

weekly readings

After slowly accumulating/clicking on articles etc in twitter and other places, here's the weekly round-up:


couldn't have said it better

Finally catching up on reading Here Comes Everybody by Shirky. It's fantastic - chock full of simple ways to capture what's happening right now, like the last sentence here.



Here are a bunch of links that I've been meaning to pull together. I've tested the firefox save feature to it's last limit by keeping a lot of these perpetually open the last week or so:
  • If it doesn't spread it's dead - brilliant thinking from Henry Jenkins et al. If only I could stop time to read all 8 part. A coast-to-coast plane flight would do the trick.
  • This is what BW's audience is reading about twitter (and the skittles situation).
  • Fairly-recent (within last yr) list of brands punk'd within social media.
  • As much as I cringe with every Bracketology mention, this time of year still rocks to be a sports fan.
  • New mobile app nearbynow puts real-world goods into peoples' hands quicker and more efficiently.
  • Great interview with MotiveQuest's Tom O'Brien re: truly listening to what your customers are saying online, and making meaning out of it.
  • Wharton asks us is capitalism working?
  • And, why do companies exist in the first place.
  • From Oct '08, but still great thinking. Again from Zeus.
  • My life for the next couple of weeks.
  • Free. Another good preview of the coming book.
  • For my vcu students. How to think strategically.
  • Last twitter mention here. How to find companies... pretty helpful list.

the slideshare seven

I'm about to crash firefox for the 11th time tonight, so thought I'd put up a few links to a few fantastic presentations that have been stretching my brain recently... in a good way. Some old, some new:

1. Gareth's talk at VCU a few wks back:

2. Great stuff from Bud Caddell - "Digital Media Isn't Mass Media for Cheap":

3. More from Bud:

4. An oldie but goodie:

5. Happiness + Brands (read: games)

6. Social networks will be like air:

7.Marketing as a service. From Zeus Jones. Thanks @ryclifton

rolling rock

For my money, this Rolling Rock case from Goodby is one of the new classic cases of planning that was involved in launching interesting, participatory ideas into culture: