vote for feet!

It's the voting season... I entered one of our baby pics (above) into a creativity contest on the marketing fresh peel.

If you like the pic, we could use your vote here. (keep hitting refresh or vote on the other pics and happy feet will come up at some point).

The prize is a lot of pride and a metamemes ThinkCube, so I'll post a rvw of it up here if this contest works out in my favor.



- architect David Adjaye, in dwell.


scrabble vs. scrabble

I've been involved in some long and drawn-out games of will with some folks in facebook. The game of choice is scrabulous. It's highly addictive and everything about it screams scrabble and (you saw this coming 8 miles away...) the hasbro ownership of the original scrabble game are not happy with the application/game's soaring popularity on facebook.

As of Jan 11, '08, scrabulous had gained 2.3 million users. So it looks like the free ride may soon be over. In some ways this smells of Napster. Hasbro could learn what not to do from the RIAA - instead of making facebook take the application out, capitalize on it. Josh Quittner at Fortune proposes Hasbro seep in and buy scrabulous, which should only be the beginning.

Hasbro - 2.3 million people and counting are telling you that they're happy playing scrabble. Take advantage of the social connections the game allows and figure out if people want to play off-line - hold campus events, figure out a way to connect on- and off-line play(wifi scrabble boards)... just do something.

I can't imagine the lawsuit route is an approach Cranium would use.



long time no see

This post has been one of the toughest I've sat down to write since we started about 2 yrs ago... a huge helping of inertia.

A lot happens being away for 5 months. A lot meaning that Andrea and I welcomed our first child into the world a few weeks back. What an overwhelming feeling of joy to see her being born. It was indescribable... the prior doubts (are we ready? no, really, are we ready for this??) went away in a flash after hearing that first cry in the delivery room.

Anyways, I used the time leading up to Eva's birth as water for the ever-burning fire that is a blog not posted to in a really long time... So, we're back on air. For what hopes to be another solid amount of time. Hi Mom.

I've got a few thoughts scribbled down in between the diaper times that need to be typed up. And this may eventually morph into a different page or site... who knows. This is a start.